Wings Free: Flight Simulator App Reviews

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Rip off


how is this boring


Waste of time nothing fun about it ;(


This game is awful. -100 stars. 😡😡😡

Do not get

Do not get because it crashes every time


This game is so stupid don't get it what ever you do it gives you 2min to fly a plane flying thing with horrible graphs if I could I'd give it 0 *s

Better Flight Simulators out there

F18 Flight Carrier is a much more realistic experience. Wings Free is quite cool since you can hover on the spot, but the free flight is too short and the scenery quickly gets boring.


U get 15 seconds to fly a bad graphic game with one camera view

Theres no point

Fun at first but flying over a few hills can only entertain you for about 30 seconds and its not worth it


It's ok . If there was a non timed level it would be a 4 star. not the best. I'm debating over should I delete it or keep it.

Disappointing. Waste of time.

This sim is basic and leave you with a feeling of disappointment and feeling of 0 accomplishment.

So boring

Cant even crash!


How does your screen crack if you touch water? No sense


Relaxing app


Really, only a test run

Not that good......

In all it's a good game but the lite game isn't worth downloading.........


We all agree this is too short!


It's cool but I wish it was longer!


Pretty cool, but totally disappointing in the end. Why so short? You're not gonna sell apps with crappy 30 second demos...


Worst game ever it's not realistic and you only get 30 seconds of flight so don't ever ever ever buy the real version

Pretty cool, but...

I wish the demo wasn't timed. Fun though.

I don't like it!!!

It's absolutly terrible and it's boring!! Even I wouldn't pay for the payed for version!!

It's a joke

So short, not even worth trying


How about NO!

Yea no

This is a sorry waist


This actually is a great game but 30 second flight is ridiculous.


I love this game it's In 1st person mode that's why its so good I gotta buy this if there is a paid version


The developers are super cheap by expecting someone to try a 30 sec simulation (which is not that impressive) and then buy something make the free app better and maybe I'll get hooked and get want the paid one.


If you think the most fun you can get out of an app is flying over a hill for 30 seconds and trying to crash the plane because it was so boring, but not even getting to crash it, then this app is for you!


Just about the best 22 1/2 seconds of my life!


Who cares what those other people say. You honestly can't expect it to be all intense and stuff if it's only a free app. You want over a minute of flying? More scenery? Spend the two bux and buy the game. Think about it. Lots of kids get allowance that is triple that. So who cares? It's a fun app that does what it says it does.(^人^)相手ライブ、輪麻薬らしく大会

The beast

Totally NOT worth the effort to download! Less than a minute of playtime, plus the graphics load slow!


You fly for literally not even a minute and then the whole app is over!

Pretty weak

It's free so u got nothing to lose


Boring get x-plane. It is so much better because in x-plane you get better graphics, and physics. You also get a selection of real planes. You get different views and more scenery. This is 


I think you should get it its fun. Hwo cares what other people say GET IT.

Waste of time!!!

This app only let's you fly for like, 30 seconds!! I advise to get a different simulator app!!

X-plane is better

OK, let's face it. This app is not as bad as so many people say. It is relaxing and fun. Feels like flying. But there are no real planes, and the graphics are bad. I didn't get the full version. I got X plane instead for the above reasons. This game needs improvement but it's not bad.

Nice simulation...

...of flight control in "flying" mode. Nice physics. Gives a good idea of flying a real airplane. Good practice for a student pilot.



waste of lifetime

its not free, just a freaking demo with 30 secinds limit. THAT diesnt convince anybidy to pay more. lame sorry


I guess the people writing the negative reviews don't understand what this game is about. It's not about missions, or shooting, or achieving goals, it's about taking your mind OFF those things. This app is for people who already have high pressure, real life, lives. It is a RELAXING game. In many ways, it reminds me of scuba diving—it is non-competitive and beautiful. This is only a demo. It does not do play for long, and the scenery is limited. It gives you a taste. That's all. You can find out for yourself, if you want to buy the full version. I did. (PS Try changing your angle of view to play this laying on your back, or try flying upside down!)

Waste of time

Where is the realistic flying?! Thank god I didn't pay for it. There are no dials or gauges that show anything about performance. You can't tell what you're doing.


I love it it is kinda lame when you fly the same place over and over. But you did a great job I am going for the full version


This app is horrible. You can't do a thing. You just fly around fake hills and stupid graphics.

A good idea...

But seriously has things that are missing. Read the other reviews. It can get reeeeaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyy boring.


If u want a really good quality flight sim, get x plane mobile

Awful! Warning don't buy!

This app is terrible, I got the free version and it is a terrible app. Bad graphics, lousy controls, stupid gameplay, don't waste your time

I'm flying!

This is fun I'm getting the full game.

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